Thursday, 3 February 2011

Young Talent

Isn't this beautiful? I had the pleasure of being introduced to a friend of a friend recently. She and her family are in London for a few months and they were given my email by a mutual friend. I often play host to friends of friends who are passing through London and this recent meeting was an absolute pleasure! Not only did I get to lunch at the Natural Kitchen (always delicious and in my favourite neighbourhood) and make a new friend but I also met her daughter, Tasha Bock. I am sharing her full name as it is one to remember. I am sure we will be hearing her name in the fashion world one day.

This beautiful headband is one of Tasha's creations. You can view more on her website but what is even more impressive than this gorgeous collection of headbands? Tasha does not have years of design experience, she has only just finished high school! Spending a few months in London, inspired by her favourite things; Liberty, Downtown Abbey, historic interiors, then she is off to university. We wish Tasha the best of luck and we look forward to her future creations.

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