Sunday, 22 February 2009

Ruby Hair Bow

Oh so sweet! We have added a darling new hair bow to our range. The Ruby hair bow is perfect for fine hair and is offered in both pattern and solid colours. Our Ella hair bow of similar size is so popular we went in search of something equally cute. And a hair bow this cute could only be named for our cute little friend, Ruby!

Monday, 16 February 2009

A Valentine's Lunch

In our house any holiday is reason enough to bake cookies and make decorations. This year we decided to introduce Miss Gracie's friends to the traditions of an American Valentine's day. In the UK Valentine's Day is for couples. No paper covered shoe boxes awaiting Valentines, no candy hearts or class parties. We decided to have our own party.
Cupcakes, heart shaped cookies and sandwiches, sweet little heart boxes from the craft shop to paint and best of all Valentines! The girls loved the selection of Valentines I found online to print and food always tastes nicer when it is shaped like a heart. Miss Gracie's Valentine lunch may just become a tradition.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bow Lady

"Are you the hair bow lady?" I never thought I would answer yes to a question like that. I am an American Mom residing in the UK. On a visit to grandma's when my daughter was one, I purchased little hair bows to keep her hair out of her eyes (cutting a fringe was out of the question as I was twelve before I was allowed to grow mine out). Back in the UK on our first trip to the shops, people were commenting on the bow and mums were asking where to buy them. A simple plan to buy a few on my next trip home led to an invite to sell at a school fair, more invites followed and Miss Gracie was launched. Now I am "the bow lady".

My career prior to my current one as mum and bow lady, was in retail. Now I had a product and small customer base, I dreamed of a shop. What else should I sell? Toys, books, gorgeous little gifts, tutus, bedding... the opportunities seemed endless. So many lovely things could be sourced for little girls. BUT a shop would mean overhead, business hours... then my clever (IT expert) husband suggested a website. Perfect! I did add products to my range. They sold but nothing ever matched the popularity of the bows so that is where we are today. Just bows! and I love it!
...and that gorgeous little girl in the photo is my Miss Gracie.

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