Friday, 23 September 2011

Simple & Practical

Customers talk about our hair bows and often what they have to say is about the clips and the quality; how well they stay in and how beautifully they are made. We have taken the suggestion of creating sturdy, simple clips for school. A variation on the Chloe clip, a two prong pinch clip covered in simple saddle stitch ribbon. More colours plus mini dot ribbon will be arriving soon and best of all they are made in the UK!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Back to school...

A week ago we snapped this year's "First Day of School" photo and each day I plan to add it to the blog. Uniform ironed, hair tidy and in lovely Miss Gracie hair bows but what to write? Could I be a bit clever or funny? What made our first day back something someone, besides our family, would want to see or read about? So I left it. No photo, no "story" until this morning when I stepped over the Lego again. 

I have been stepping over this little Lego Mermaid and all the "bits" that accompany her for a week. Perched on her rock, gazing at a starfish while Merman gently rocks the Merbaby in the back ground (the dogs seem to be just "dogs", not "Merdogs"; no fishtails) and for some unknown reason the chosen play space is inconveniently, a doorway we all pass through regularly. This is my "back to school" photo. It is easy to remember the uniform, the hair bows, the smiles and the anticipation but I want to remember everything else. Long afternoons when we had time to "play", the round rock from Devon and the flat stone from Scotland, the Mer-Lego from her fourth birthday, the Pirate ship from the charity shop, the little starfish from California, Playmobil dogs and their tiny dog treats, the blue fleece blanket and the un-hoovered floor. 

Term time now and the toys are hardly touched as school, homework and activities fill our days. I will leave Mermaid and her family until the weekend but then it is back to the playroom. Mermaid will have to consider her playroom options; she can either borrow the Playmobil's camper van or move into the Regency Hotel with the Sylvanians.