Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Well I knew this day would come. My almost nine year old announced today that she would like to redecorate her room "when I turn 10". The lovely red gingham I chose before her arrival because it was so fresh and suitable for a boy or girl will go. Over the years I have mixed in pillow cases for a bit of fun; Cath Kidston boats, Laura Ashley gymkhana, Pottery Barn animals and I even succumbed to a bit of Disney. She would like her room to have "lighty greeny colours" inspired by her wonderful frog pillow.

The coveted frog pillow, a gift from her Auntie, is from my favourite website . The tag line "like jewellery for your sofa" says it all. One of the best browsing websites I have visited, always fresh, the fabrics are beautiful and the site is perfect for those late night shopping temptations. Now I have just over a year to find some green gingham sheets and to break the news to my daughter that her bedroom walls will remain white.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Our friend Issie and her Miss Gracie bow. Never leave home without one! We noticed in this year's holiday snaps that she not only took along her bows but swapped styles throughout the day. That's our girl!