Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Half Term

Half Term. Some mums dread it some mums love it. I am one of those in the love it group. I love the time. Time to do lots or time to do nothing. The week always flies by much too quick, a couple of days out, a pajama day in. I always end up tired as I then work at night to allow me kid time in the day but it is the kid time I just don't like to miss. Yes, I am one of those annoying mums who enjoys the kid activities as much as the kids. Ask me how many times I have seen the Bubble Show at the Science Museum? I may be to embarrassed to answer.

This half term we are doing our usual "find a fantastic and free activity in London" day and we have chosen the Ignite Family Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Always exciting to visit such a beautiful venue. Weather permitting we will picnic in Kensington Gardens otherwise we will be slurping noodles at Wagamama's on High St. Ken.

We never have a winter half term without a visit to feed the lambs. We cycle to Odds Farm Park, and join the crowd to feed the over excited lambs and play with the "kids". Love those goats!

If I do need to squeeze in some work in the daylight hours then the kids will be off to Mop End a lesser know option for fantastic school holiday activities. Mop End is the South Bucks venue for the Field Studies Council. We have enjoyed fantastic days in the woods with enthusiastic guides building dens, open fires and solving Harry Potter mysteries.

Must go get some work done if I am going to play next week! Happy half term!

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