Thursday, 6 January 2011


Well that's us! Lil Miss Gracie, myself and Mr M. Lil MG often features in our photos as she is our resident hair bow tester. Thanks to the wonders of Twitter I decided to share a photo of me. This does not mean that my followers on Twitter were begging to see a photo. It is because in my new found joy that is Twitter I have discovered that  my followers and followees actually live in my little world. We coffee, shop and school run in the same places but we wouldn't know each other if we passed on the footpath.

Before I joined Twitter I didn't get the point of it. I only joined, as like the blog, it is considered a marketing tool. Well... let me tell you, it is more that that! As someone who lives for the weekend papers, it is heaven. Little snippets of news constantly streaming in, a network of supportive career and home based mums, recommendations of new books to read, where the best sales are, recipes, who is watching what on TV, traffic updates, weather, celebrity gossip, fashion, parenting tips, craft ideas - It is all there! Yes, it has done what it was meant to regarding marketing Miss Gracie but for me, it is like stopping for a coffee with a large and eclectic group of friends. Someone always has something to say and I can pop into whatever conversation suits my mood and when I am in front of my laptop at 1am it is nice to know their are other crazy mums out there doing the same.

Twitter followers in Sydney, New York or Edinburgh you probably won't bump into me but if you are in South Bucks, say "hi". 

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  1. I didn't get Twitter either until people came forward and helped me to get used to it. That's what is so wonderful about social networking, people are one and the same. We understand the need to communicate through technology. Twitter and blogging is a fabulous source and I have made many friends over the last four years. Some I will never meet in person, but that doesn't matter because they're just at the end of a wire!

    CJ xx