Monday, 25 October 2010

We are often asked why we stayed on this side of the world when we came for just three years many years ago. Today was one of those days to remind us why.

The weather was beautiful (autumn sunshine), we enjoyed a hassle free train and tube journey (it's true!), dined at Carluccio's (kid's meals free during half term), small people had manicures at Hamley's (we succumbed!) and best of all - family concert with the LSO at the Barbican. If you haven't enjoyed a concert with kids and the LSO then put it on your London must do list. Just an hour plus a selection of crafts and activities beforehand. The LSO understands how to grab the kid's attention. Today they made instruments, attended a singing workshop, had a go (see photo) and the concert ended with a Scottish Piper. A very good Sunday in a city we love.

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