Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The slightest occasion in our house and the question is aways "can we get cakes?" I used to be slightly insulted because we do bake and isn't homemade always best? Our Christmas cookies are an annual event, brownies seem to be necessary if it is raining (a few too many lately) and their is nothing better than a warm chocolate chip cookie but then we met "SusieCakes!" Susie is the creative baker at Angelic Cupcakes and the person we call upon when it is celebration time.

I have totted up the occasions this year and Angelic Cupcakes was deemed necessary at 2 family birthdays, 1 Holy Communion, Grandma's visit, as hostess gifts, 2 50th birthdays, 1 40th and as a raffle prize at my daughter's school - whew! Her creative efforts have saved me allot of time and I know the recipients were happier with the outcome. Delicious cake, icing you actually want to eat and each cake decorated just enough to be pretty but not so much that their is more sugar than cake.

My experience running a business that fits around the family usually means late nights or early mornings at the computer and I often wonder how these home baking woman do it. I had visions of toddlers under foot, batter dripping off the Aga onto the dog and dawn icing sessions but then I visited Angelic Cakes and boy was I wrong! A kitchen so clean Mary Poppins would be proud, an inventory of decorations in plastic boxes sealed and labelled, sugar, flour and eggs neatly stored and dated and two of the cutest little girls who responded well to "go play and then you can have cake". Wish I had an offer as tempting as that when I need to get some work done!

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  1. Maybe she can branch out and offer organisational services as well. I know I could use it, and if she's as good at that as making cupcakes, she's sure to be a success!! Yummy!