Friday, 29 January 2010

Miss G is so pleased! After many requests for a mirror in her room we have found the perfect solution, "a beauty station". Now I do not think an 8 year old needs a "beauty station", GLTC where I bought the ideal mirror has named it that but it is just perfect! A slim two door cupboard attaches to the wall and opens to reveal a mirror plus lots of storage. It is the storage bit that we are loving. Teamed with a Miss Gracie hair clip holder, it is hair bobble & bow nirvana! No more bows left on the side of the bath. Why leave them lying about when Miss G can organise them in her "beauty station". So far she has spent more time organising the bits and bobs than she has looking in the mirror. Long may it last.

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  1. Oh I love this, it is perfect for little girls, my eldest has had her eye on it since flicking through the GLTC brochure on one of her imaginary shopping trips! Perfect.