Saturday, 24 April 2010

Beautiful little girls celebrating a birthday. Party dresses, cake, crafts and home made decorations. I would love to say this was at our house as it is all just so very lovely but it is miles away in New York and the hostess is a mum I have never met. Why do I know about it? Well this very creative mum with a beautiful family authors a blog and I now have to admit, I do read it quit regularly.

Last year some smart marketing friends told me Miss Gracie needed a blog. Why? "As a marketing tool that will cost you nothing but time". Ah hah! Now blogging had my attention. I did my research (late night surfing) and started blogging. Miss Gracie's blog is an opportunity to shout about new product and a little bit of how the business mixes with our family life. Your comments are always welcome, do email me photos of your girls in MG bows and with your permission I will blog them.

Blogs worth a peek:

mysixinthecity adventures of moving a family of 6 from suburbia to NYC

The Crafty Crow if you are ever stuck for inspiration for kids crafts

ikeahacker inspiring ideas to give Ikea furniture a personal twist

hostesswiththemostess fab ideas for kid parties and entertaining

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