Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween fun! As children we planned for weeks what we would be and not necessarily something scary - cowboys, fairies, Disney characters, race car drivers and fireman were all acceptable choices. The dressing up box existed long into our teen years as the previous year's costumes were altered to create something new. A hula skirt became a rather itchy scarecrow wig and the cowboy waistcoat and sheriff badge took on a whole new style when worn by a 15 year old in a denim mini skirt. A rather humorous costume was the "bunch of grapes". Purple tights and leotards with many balloons attached was a great idea until we realised we would not be able to sit down all evening.

Fairies, a Ladybird, a Pumpkin, Cinderella and a Cowboy (that same waistcoat, first worn by my brother in 1969) filled the house with laughter this year. Nothing scary just pumpkin carving, too many sweets and lots of fun!

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